Monday, February 20, 2012

Winnipeg Free Press reviews A Very Small Something

The Winnipeg Free Press offered up a short but sweet review of our most recent children's book A Very Small Something this weekend in their round-up of new kids/YA lit.

How would you feel if you lived beside a bubblegum factory but couldn't blow a bubble?
That's the problem that torments Olive, who lives in a bubble-mad town in A Very Small Something by David Hickey (Biblioasis, 32 pages, $9).
With the help of large and lavish artwork by Stratford, Ont., artist Alexander Griggs-Burr, London, Ont., author Hickey transports Olive to an enchanted forest where she swallows a magic pill that allows her to blow gigantic bubbles. ...
Perhaps more importantly I've read recent reports that AVSS is in regular heavy circulation in several Biblioasis author households, and ranks as one of the more popular titles on the bedside table.  Which means that you should probably consider picking up a copy for your young bubble-blower today.

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