Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Copula Spiders Have Landed!

Hundreds upon hundreds of Copula Spiders have descended upon the bibliomanse this morning, arriving in their box-like pods courtesy of a surly man in a Fed-Ex truck.  Writers and Readers Should Beware! Interaction with this strange and terrifying creature will almost certainly result in a deeper and more nuanced understanding of story and novel structures and techniques, and the drama that is grammar; you will be confronted with the genius of Alice Munro, Mark Anthony Jarman, Cervantes, Leon Rooke and Thomas Bernhard (as well as a certain author by the name of Douglas Glover); you may become overwhelmed by the sense of having been deeply schooled.  Stay calm.  After-effects include learning to be both a better reader and writer.  The risk of becoming aware of your own inadequacies may be painful to some.

Though the Copula Spiders will not be exposed to the wider public until early April, those willing to risk early exposure are welcome to attend our AWP Pre-launch Party in Chicago March 2nd, or Douglas Glover's Center for Fiction workshop in New York March 14th.  If you cannot make these you can follow this link and we'll send you your very own Spider in the next post.

But don't say we didn't warn you....

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