Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Women's Post on The Big Dream

Afternoon's greetings from Emeryville, which today looks much like the Arctic (if the Artic had suburbs--?). Snowy bluster bluster freeze. Dan, brave soul, has ventured forth into the cold to fetch a wandering poet, while Chris and I get to remain warm at work, secure and safe ... and, er, while I get to tell you about the latest review of Rebecca's book, which was published yesterday by The Women's Post. Sarah Mahmood is an intern there and took the opportunity to write about the stories she likes best. Check it out, if such is your fancy--and also, kudos to the WP for encouraging its journalism interns to review fiction titles! We need more of that in the world. More reviews, less snow. A motto for February, perhaps? Hmm.

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