Monday, January 09, 2012

The Wall Street Journal, and plain ol' Wall Street

Douglas Glover, whose new book of essays on writing Biblioasis is proud to be publishing this spring, was roundly praised in the Wall Street Journal this morning. "A master of narrative structure"? You bet. For Darin Strauss's paean (and a nifty metaphor about boulders), take a look.

(And, um, speaking of Wall Street, Wage Slave co-author Mark Kingwell was interviewed last week by Aid Netherlands. Here's a taster: "I was especially upset about the police crackdown because of the cavalier way in which ‘health and safety concerns’ became a blanket justification for police action. The books in the OWS library ... were tossed in garbage containers. In a strange way, this blithe trashing of books was worse than setting fire to them. For this neo-liberal police state, books are not even dangerous or important enough to burn. A depressing thought.")

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