Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Toronto, then New York (or: the Poets Bury Ondaatje)

For those of you keeping track of R. Rosenblum's campaign for global blog domination, you'll have seen the pickup last week in the New Yorker's Book Bench and on rumpus.net. "Oh my God, my friend is a" -- what? Here's a clue: the answer is neither "vampire" nor "kitten."

And in unrelated-but-equally-exciting news: a little birdie told us last week that Amanda Jernigan's Groundwork now ranks as the sixth-highest bestselling title at Bryan Prince, Booksellers, according to Open Book Toronto. That's one, two, three, four (count them, FOUR) rankings above Michael Ondaatje's The Cat's Table. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the poets are gaining on the Giller Prize, one devoted fan base at a time ... congrats to Amanda, and to Rebecca too. Keep on crusading.

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biblioasis said...

AND, for those of you who are curious but maybe not quite so obsessive as yours truly, I'd like to observe that RR's blog-tentacles have spread via Twitter to: L.A. (John Fox); to other, secreter parts of New York (Bloomsbury Press); to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the wonderful Harvard Books; to the new but promising [tk] Review; to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (yep! they sure did like RR); and--wider still--to an assortment of readers in Chile and Brazil.