Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day of the Dead, Redux

Well, Biblioasis is happy to boast that our authors have thus far authors participated in, arranged, slogged through, flew to, trained towards, and gloried over EIGHTY-TWO events this fall. Now (as people are doing their pre-Christmas memory dumps, perhaps?) the photos are trickling in, and they are MARVELLOUS. Yes indeed.

These from our Day-of-the-Dead launch of Love Poems at Dora Keogh, featuring the inimitable Colin Carberry, along with our new & dulcet-toned friend over at the Consulate General of Mexico, Gerardo Ochoa. Cameo appearances by poet Goran Simic and his lovely wife Lida, our genius-behind-the-translation-curtain Stephen Henighan, and Stephen's wife Lorena. (And pssst. Toronto-ites: look for this last uber-duo at the Aluna Café Monday night, where they'll be presenting Llosa's La Chunga. 1 Wiltshire Ave, 7 PM.)

That other person there? Rather shiny of forehead? Not me. Nope. No sir.

Therefore. Bibliophiles! Have more pictures from the fall? Send 'em my way. Thirsty drinks everything up. Much like a sponge ... or the poets at an open bar. (Jokes. Kidding! Love you all.)

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Colin Carberry said...

Thanks, Tara, for the nice words. A most memorable occasion. May there be more like it!