Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Laura Boudreau and Rebecca Rosenblum reviewed in the Toronto Star

Sarah Murdoch, at the Toronto Star, gave a quick shout out to Laura Boudreau's Suitable Precautions saying: "Suitable Precautions (Biblioasis; 182 pages; $19.95) is a debut collection of 13 stories by Laura Boudreau, a Toronto writer who lives in London, England. The writing is accomplished, she has a good ear for dialogue and there is a dark thread of unease winding through these urban and angsty stories. The press material trumpets that "We're Not in CanLit Any More" and it's true: No gazing thoughtfully at wheat fields sullies Boudreau's prose."

Look out for a forthcoming review of Suitable Precautions in Geist.

The Toronto Star
also wrote a short review of Rebecca Rosenblum's The Big Dream:
"What a fine idea to write a short-story collection situated in the petri dish where so many of us spend our days: the workplace. The Big Dream (Biblioasis; 196 pages; $19.95) is set at Dream Inc., a lifestyle-magazine publisher, and Rebecca Rosenblum's 13 stories deal with the backbiting, flirtation, rivalries, schemes and friendships that define every corporate culture. This is the Toronto writer's second collection, Her first, Once, in 2008, won the Metcalf-Rooke Award for Fiction, and was praised by reviewers."

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