Saturday, November 12, 2011

After-Dinner Games for the After-Dinner Man

Hey, Toronto! Looking for something to take the edge off your shovel? The starch out of your shirtcollar? Come on out to Type Books, this Thursday, for a little Wage Slave Recreation. Details below.

What, pray tell, is the After-Dinner Man? Let us consult the Glossary. “In the early 17th century,” say our Authors, “a man who returned to his place of work after dinner was to be pitied; either the after-dinner man was overly devoted to labor, or else he had too much of it.” Sound familiar? Yes indeed: quoting once more from our text, “we are all after-dinner men and and women, now.” So to provide, as is their goal eternally, some small portion of pleasure to their loyal Readers as they depart from (or perhaps return to) their places of employ, Mssrs. Kingwell, Glenn, and Seth have decided to throw a PARTY. Yes, my friends, a small gathering, a respite from labour, and the chance to fĂȘte the Glossary with GAMES and MERRIMENT. We dearly hope you can join us.

WHAT: An After-Dinner Party for the After-Dinner Man: The Toronto Launch of The Wage Slave's Glossary
WHO: Hosted by Mark Kingwell and Seth
WHERE: Type Books, 883 Queen West
WHEN: Thursday Nov. 17, 6-8 PM
CONTACT: Tara Murphy, 519 968 2206,

Admission is free; however, because of the nature of the event, we ask that you RSVP to Tara at

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