Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Short But Sweet: News from the Bibliolady Tour

Well, the Women of the Short Story tour is through the first half of its run. We wowed a small but zealous crowd in Windsor, where the littlest Wellses proved that bookseller savvy may well be genetic; we successfully kept one R. Rosenblum from chasing stray kittens; we donned sunglasses to cope with the glare of L. Boudreau's copper stockings; we all, all, all, stood agog with envy at the sight of C. Stonehouse's grape-coloured boots (and later, at R.R.'s kitten-heeled blue cuties).

Yes, we were a well-shod sight to see on the third floor of the London Public Library, even if by decree executive we're no longer talking of who stole the show on floor one (grumbleahemcough). We had a kingly reception from our good friends in Hamilton, Bryan Prince Booksellers. And tonight, at 6 PM sharp, this cat-chasing, candy-necklace-wearing crew is punching in at Type. So be there, Toronto! And hey you, Ottawa: Collected Works, the 6th, 7 PM. It's going to be GRAND. If you ask very sweetly, Rebecca might break out the Ring-Pops.
What's in store for Montreal, I wonder? Fondant tiaras? We'll have to taste and see. Cafe Matina, 7:30 PM, October 7th. That event is Biblioasis's champagne birthday--turning seven on the seventh--so come and eat cake.

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Alex said...

There always seems to be cake on hand for these Biblioasis functions. I hope someone saves me a piece.