Monday, October 31, 2011

Post-IFOA, Pre-BookFest

Some authors are straggling home. Some are sticking around. And some are even headed to Windsor. Interested in BookFest? Dan talks about it to Ted Shaw of the Windsor Star here. I also wanted to post a few photos from the Jernigan/Hickey reading of last Thursday, a) because it was AWESOME, and b) because of the funny. Kudos to Waterloo for being a poetry hotspot. And in the middle of IFOA, no less!

If you're looking for your Jernigan fix and you're in Hamilton this Thursday, check out Bryan Prince at 7 PM. Also of note in Hammy-town: Ray Robertson reads with Marina Endicott and JonAmo Lawson at the Carnegie Gallery, 7 PM, TOMORROW.

Photos by John Cull.

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biblioasis said...

Shoot! The best photo of the bunch isn't loading. Imagine one AJ wagging a finger emphatically at DH.