Monday, July 06, 2009

More Love for Thought You Were Dead

There's more love for Terry's Thought You Were Dead. (Now in its 2nd printing!) From the Hamilton Spectator -- we missed it the first time around:

Griggs keeps the action percolating nicely and has a nifty knack with dialogue. As usual, Griggs delivers a satisfying tale. For a quirky and quaint murder mystery, go sleuthing with Chellis, the genre's newest and most unlikely hero.

And from Michale Bryson's Underground Book Club:

(Thought You Were Dead is) exceptionally clever, very funny, sharply intelligent. As many critics have been saying about Griggs for a long time now, she is someone who deserves to win major prizes in this country. Her readership deserves to grow. Everyone who enjoys vigorous prose should scrurry to the nearest big box retail outlet and harrass the teenagers at the counter for a box of Griggs asap.

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