Monday, July 20, 2009

Gone Sailing....

There won't be a lot of activity around these parts for most of the summer. Not that there has been much of late anyway. But this will make it official. When not in the office these days I'm ministering to the above, a 1973 Bayfield 23 we purchased a week and a half ago for $2500. I've loved these boats since I was twelve, and never thought I'd have a chance to own one. But the Peripatetic was donated to the boat club where I take lessons, and they had no use for her: so I put in an offer and it was accepted.

She's a solid boat, a picturesque sloop in need of a bit of love and elbow grease. We're giving her plenty of both. Took her across Lake St. Clair last Thursday with my father, and spent Friday and Saturday cruising the Thames. Sunday we took her out for the first time on our own, and managed, a few harrowing moments aside, to sail her for several hours before anchoring for a late afternoon swim. A weekend which almost made facing this office on a summery Monday morning bearable. Almost. A few more weekends like it -- and a few weekdays besides -- and I just might be able to look on the approaching fall season with something other than exhaustion.

There's actually plenty on tap for Fall, with both Biblioasis and CNQ: a lot to be excited about. A great Fall list, events, a new editor at CNQ, a couple of special chapbooks, and more besides. But it's all news that will keep. Let this serve as a placeholder for a few weeks. We'll be back soon enough.

Enjoy the rest of summer. And when the wind is blowing wish us well: with any luck we'll be, as the name of the boat suggest, a-wandering.


Rosalynn said...

Congrats, Dan! That looks like a lot of fun and I can't think of anyone more deserving of a vacation :)

Kerry said...

Gorgeous photos. Enjoy!

Sue Rumbaugh said...

You are living the life that we are hoping to live one day soon - very soon! Congrats! Here's to good weather and great wind....!

Anonymous said...

Great Boat. My Wife and I purchased a B23 made in 1973 also. Looks like yours has been converted from the original roller boom to a fixed boom (which I would like to do to ours) Do you know the hull number of yours? Ours is 27! We're currently looking for smaller headsails for ours, and possibly a mainsail with more than one set of reefing points. If you are interested, email me at

Cheers Fellow Bayfield Owner!!