Monday, June 29, 2009

More Love for Kahn & Engelmann

There's been more coverage of Hans Eichner's Kahn & Engelmann. I find it interesting that the majority of the coverage, both realized and planned, has come from abroad lately: interesting Canadian media in this book, whether they be traditional, Jewish, or online, has proved a very difficult task. Outside of the starred rave in the April Quill & Quire and the Maclean's obit, there's been little mention of the novel in Canada. Hopefully this is set to change.

In the past week we've seen favourable coverage of the title in The Jewish Telegraph (UK), and have had received notes about forthcoming coverage from NextBook and several other American and UK media outlets. We've also seen this mostly favourable review over at Three Percent, one of the leading online resources for literature in translation, and came across this rave by a US(?) blogger, who, as far as we can tell, picked up the book on his own. Nice to see the book beginning to reach the audience it deserves.

We have received word that the Globe & Mail will be running a review of Kahn & Engelmann "in due course", and hope that this will be just the first of a series of Canadian media reviews over the summer. Really, as the Library Journal argued, though this book is "essential reading" for anyone interested in Jewish history or literature, it is also simply essential: a book for anyone interested in quality literature. Pick up a copy today.

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