Thursday, June 04, 2009

Back ....

Back from New York, and trying to get my head on straight and not waste too much time looking longingly out the window as I sit here at my desk. Much to report at a later date, about Ottawa and New York. Especially New York. I had a week there: wasn't anywhere near enough.

Thanks to Shane and Rebecca for filling in while I was away.

A few things in the meantime to catch up on. Terry Griggs took over the National Post blog last weekend, and there's some excellent Griggsian posts you can find here. I may post a few of them myself in the coming days. There are reviews of Jailbreaks up here and here . There's another review of Griggs's Dead here. Rebecca was one of the shortlisted finalists for the Danuta Gleed for Once. Congrats to Pasha Malla. Some new Revenge-Lits, including one by Rebecca, up here.

There's a lot else I'm likely forgetting. Plane got in lllaaaatttteee last night, and I'll be picking up the kids in 45 minutes, after not seeing them in near two weeks. So, mind's on other things. More anon.

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