Thursday, May 07, 2009

Breaking News: Danuta Gleed Shortlist in

Just learned this morning that Rebecca Rosenblum has been shortlisted for the $10,000.00 Danuta Gleed Award for a first book of short stories. Also shortlisted are Pasha Malla, for The Withdrawal Method, and Ahmad Saidullah for Happiness and Other Disorders. Though I've read most of Malla's excellent collection, Saidullah's slipped beneath my radar up to this point. I'll try to pick it up this weekend.

More to follow. I haven't seen an official press release yet, just a two line announcement in the Toronto Star. The winner is set to be announced May 23rd. Congratulations to all three nominees, though of course a touch more goes out to our very own Rebecca Rosenblum.

Fingers crossed.

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