Friday, November 30, 2007

CNQ 72: The Best CNQ Ever?

CNQ has arrived and will be mailed out as soon as I finish this Canada Council grant. It's a fine issue, and may well be our best. Phil Marchand on the Problem with Alice Munro, Charles Foran's thoughts on growing up in Southwestern Ontario (Dumb as a Sack of Hammers), Iris Nowell on Painters Eleven wildman Tom Hodgson, David O'Rourke and Abe Tarasofksy on Irving Layton, a profile of Giller-longlisted (& fab short story writer) Sharon English, Clark Blaise on the short story, Perilous Trade Conversations with Atwood and Gibson, Andrew Steeves taking poetry design personally, poetry by Amanda Jernigan, plus reviews of Ondaatje, Munro, Crozier, Lee and others. And a Letters section! Plural! You love us! You really love us! (At least most of you do.)

Should be hitting mailboxes and newsstands across the country towards the end of next week or the beginning of the following.

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