Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kathleen Winter's boYs: the cover

Above, what I think will be the cover for Kathleen Winter's short story collection boYs. This has been one of the hardest covers we've had to do: none of our previous ideas gelled at all. Kathleen remembered this image, which Geist had used to illustrate boYs the story, and we thought it perfect.

There's been a lot of interest in this book. Kathleen is so far scheduled to read at Eden Mills Spetember 9th, The Winnipeg Fest, Thin Air, at the end of September, and the Ottawa Festival, with John Metcalf and Leon Rooke, in October. There are still a couple of other festivals considering her. I've just finished reading it again, and it's extremely good: I don't think anyone who gives it a chance will regret doing so. It contains a full range, from more local, Newfoundland sketches to fairly surreal tales.

For those of you who might want an early taste, the forthcoming issue of the New Quarterly has included three stories, along with an interview. Kathleen is also, so I've been told, the cover girl.

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