Monday, July 23, 2007

Kathleen Winter: Cover Girl

The new issue of the New Quarterly is out, and Kathleen Winter is the cover girl. A long interview, photos and 3 stories. A sneak peak from her up-coming collection boYs. Congratulations. Buy this issue, and when the book comes out, buy the book. You will not be disappointed.

I don't yet have my copy: I stole this from Kathleen's Facebook account (I've been sucked into Facebook: I'm almost ashamed to admit it. There's even a Biblioasis group: sign up, if only so we can try and kick Brick's ass.) After this post, I'll be going to the post office to see if I've my issue.

Thnks to Kim Jernigan for being so responsive. This is the 2nd year she's done a 3 story profile of a Metcalf-Rooke Award winner. Not part of the official package, but a side perk.

Looking at the cover, at least one regular Biblioasis regular is in between those covers: Mike Barnes. Making it a much better deal.

Speaking of the M-R Award, time to post an open ivitation to all the as-yet undiscovered fiction writers in the land. Keep an eye out: I'll get everything ready this week.

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