Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time's Covenant

Time's Covenant: Selected Poems came in from the printer today, 20 boxes on a 52 foot truck: talk about overkill. I loaded them from the street, 3 boxes at a time, in my sons' red wagon. When I finished the manual labour, I poured myself a coffee and sat down with a copy for nearly an hour. Poems, for me, always read differently, and often better, bound and properly typeset: I'm not sure why that is. Of late, we have been so rushed here that I've not taken the time to relax with a book when it arrives: but for this one, a long, long process, I needed to do so. I'm very relieved to see that everything seems as it should.

It's a very attractive book, elegantly understated in design, classic looking, I think: a casing fitting the poems found within. This is a book I'm very proud to have been a part of. We were supposed to release it last fall, but a lack of money and time forced us to postpone a season. I hope everyone thinks it worth the wait, and I thank Eric for his patience and faith: there were times, I know, he despaired this ever getting finished. But it is, and it is something I think we can both be very proud of.

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