Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Goldfish Dancer

Patricia Robertson's Goldfish Dancer has arrived. It's our fourth trade book this fall, and brings the spring publishing season more-or-less to a close. And today the books arrived in Whitehorse for tomorrow's launch. So we got that one in by the skin of our teeth.

They're planning a hell of a show up in Whitehorse, and there's been some good attention paid. Patricia is set to be interviewed on CBC at noon tomorrow: I'm hoping to catch it via some sort of online feed. And the Whitehorse paper is doing a profile of her as well in tomorrow's paper. Wish all of our releases and launches received that kind of attention from the locals.

Talking about launches, those of you in Montreal, please remember that Eric Ormsby will be launching his Time's Covenant together with Robyn Sarah (and the Montreal launch of Little Eurekas) Monday, May 28th, at the Word Bookstore.

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