Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Not much time today, though a few things to report:

Terry Griggs launches Thought You Were Dead in Ottawa on Saturday, May 23rd, at 5 pm. The Manx Pub on Elgin. Chellis and Laphroiag. I've brought a mp3 recorder for the event: Terry is one hell of a reader. Hope to be able to run footage next week.

Another dozen Revengelits up at including excellent stories by Michael Bryson, K. D. Miller, Brian Palmu and others. More to come there, including an entry by Evie Christie.

I'm in Ottawa the 23rd through the 26th for the Congress of the Humanities Bookfair at Carlton. If you happen to be going, please stop by.

Good review in the K-W Record of Terry's book by Alex Good this past weekend: will link to it when I can find it online.

Hans Eichner's Kahn & Engelmann to launch in Toronto at Harbourfront next Wednesday, 7:30 pm. His wife Kari Grimstad will be reading.

After a day's respite, I'll be off to New York for a week, for BEA and a bit of a break. Posting might be thin around here, though I expect Shane Neilson, Cynthia Flood, Rebecca Rosenblum and a few others might fill in for me while I'm gone.

More anon.

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