Friday, May 29, 2009

Books Are Beautiful: Japan Edition (a Rebecca post)

It's been a while, I know, and in my defense I can only say that I was busy preparing for my trip to Japan, travelling in Japan, and recovering from my trip to Japan. I loved (almost) every minute of said trip, but it was frustrating for me to be in a country so free and happy with the written word (happening Friday night=hanging out at a bookshop reading unpaid-for magazines!) and not be able to read any of those words. I took some pictures, though, at a random book fair in the square outside Shimbashi station in Tokyo (I say random because I'd been at Shimbashi the day before, and the square was occupied only by it's usual steam locamotive; then, a day later--books in tents!! And happy officefolk, ogling the books. And happy me, ogling the oglers!


Too cool, eh? Sort of makes you want to learn Japanese. Apparently, it takes five years to even get borderline proficient.


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Finn Harvor said...

Go to Korea, Rebecca. Hangeul (or, if you prefer, Hangul) is easier to master.