Thursday, April 02, 2009

CNQ 76

Working away this eve gathering everything together for CNQ 76. Our first general issue in a year -- following the translation issue, Salon des Refuses, and 75th/40th Anniversary -- it's starting to really shape up. Not everything is set yet, but it should include Adam Getty's first installment in our Lives of the Poets series, entitled Poetry in the Slaughterhouse, Steven Beattie's tale of disillusion, Fuck Books, David Solway on Kavaris and translation, an interview with Rabindranath Maharaj, Mike Barnes's Portrait of a Portrait Painter, a memoir by Ron Shuebrook (pictured above), as well as reviews by Kerry Clare, Rebecca Rosenblum, Alex Good and many others. I'll give you the full list once we settle on it.

In other CNQ news, I met with a couple of fab designers when I was in Toronto, Aleks and Sean at Sobule Design, who will have a completely new, attractive and easily updatable CNQ website up by the next issue's launch (set for late May). I know, I know: we've said this before. But this time, cross my heart, t'is true. I'm quite excited at the prospect of getting that part of the CNQ program finally going.

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