Monday, April 13, 2009

Books Are Still Our Friends (a Rebecca post)

Despite my best efforts to encourage book-love and -kindness, it seems there are still a multitude of ways to wrong our lovely literature. Ever vigilant, I have captured on film (well, on memory card) some of the most egregious mis-endeavours I could find, and posted them here with some better ideas for those who wish, as I know all Thirsty readers do, to be true friends to books everywhere.

Books are not currency.

Incorrect: paying the tab with prose.

Correct: paying with some sort of paper that has limited text, but elegant illustrations of British monarchs.

Books are not delicious.

Incorrect: devouring the Journey anothology.

Correct: order the chocolate lava cake.

Books are not a prison.

Incorrect: book barricade.

Correct: smothering love.

Books will never love you back.

Incorrect: blowing kisses at CanLit.

Correct: blowing kisses at Canadian writers.

Life is difficult, and books can help...but in return, we have to make sure not to put our books in situations they don't belong, where they might be abused, clawed, or gnawed. Books do so much for us, and it is easy to return the favour--read them!


PS--Thanks awfully to the beautiful and bookish models: Claudia, Shannon, Mindy, Penny, Dani, Julie, Alice, the Journey gang, and the baffled but kindly staff at Circle Thai restaurant.

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Kate S. said...

I'm pretty sure that book does love you back.