Monday, September 08, 2008

The Salon in the L.A. Times

The L.A. Times Book Jacket blog has picked up on the CNQ & TNQ Salon. "In Canada," Carolyn Kellog writes, "the short story is not dead. It's a fair maiden, well cared for, standing aside as its suitors battle for it with rapiers and barbs." The whole article can be found here:

It should be said, as it has now been reported in several places a tad erroneously, that CNQ and TNQ are not at one another's throats. I spent more than a few minutes with Kim Jernigan, editor of TNQ, and Rosalynn Tyo, Managing Editor, yesterday at the rain-drenched Eden Mills festival, and all is well. I have greater respect for that group and their magazine and their enthusiasm and professionalism and approach than ever: I've learned a hell of a lot from the collaboration about how a professional magazine should be run. There's been a good deal of tension at some points, though a lot of this has been caused by, let us say, outside sources. But I don't believe a harsh word has been uttered between any of us. And though there's certainly been disagreements, both about the salon's objectives and the approaches of our magazines, and the limits of criticism, though there's been impassioned discussion and more than a few hour long late night conversations, this is as it should be. We don't have to get along all of the time, or agree with one another on everything. Our objectives were always slightly different with regards to this Salon, as one would expect of magazines with such differing mandates. And this is what discussion is supposed to be like.

This has not harmed our relationship in any way. It makes a much better story to think so, I realize, and for that reason perhaps I should leave it alone. But it is simply not true.

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