Thursday, September 25, 2008

An early review of The Idler's Glossary

By Nigel Beale. Yes, the very same. And he likes us! He really likes us! Or, at least, he likes Mark's/Josh's/Seth's Idler's Glossary.

Here's a taste:

Mark Kingwell’s splendidly informative, substantial introductory essay tells us much about the multifarious benefits that accrue to those who idle; it alone makes The Idler’s Glossary worth reading.

No respite, we are told, can be had from boredom just by exciting a new desire to replace the absent one. The solution, quite simply, lies in idling. Its genius resides not, however, in the avoidance of work — for the idler isn’t, contrary to what you may think, lazy — but rather in the construction of a value system entirely independent of work.

The whole review can be found here:

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