Friday, September 05, 2008

Biblioasis at Eden Mills - this Sunday

Rain or shine. Most years, it has been shine, though last ... boy did it rain. Here's hoping we'll have the former this time out.

Biblioasis authors appearing at the festival this year are Rebecca Rosenblum, who's ONCE will be available for the first time (she's reading, I believe, at 12: 30), and, of course, Leon Rooke. Alexis, Lindsay and myself will be there selling our wares.

If you've never been to Eden Mills and live within four hours of Guelph -- it will take us 3 1/2 to get there Sunday morn -- you should really try to make it. It really is one of the most wonderful literary festivals around, with three outdoor event venues -- four including the kids' -- and a wide range of excellent readers. The festival takes over the entire town, with dozens of publishers selling their wares, great food, and as many as a couple thousand people milling about, excited about books and writing in Canada.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the festival.

There's an article about it here:

The website, with author lists, schedules and directions, can be found here:


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