Sunday, June 08, 2008

Winter Wins Silver

Kathleen Winter has won a silver medal at the National Magazine Awards for her story You Can Take One Thing, published in The New Quarterly as part of her Metcalf-Rooke Award profile last year. Steven Heighton topped her for his story the Dead Are More Visible, first published in the Walrus. Congratulations to both of them!

You Can Take One Thing is the opening story in her Metcalf-Rooke winning collection, boYs. It's a fabulous story, about a young girl's emigration from England to Newfoundland. It is Winter at her best: beautifully conceived, with an eye for details and dialogue, charming, quirky, humorous, honest and very moving. It presents me with yet another opportunity to urge you to go out and pick up this collection. It's still in all Chapters and Indigos, the best independents,, or at the press website, where it can be found here:

It has been a very good year for Kathleen. The Metcalf-Rooke Award, the Winterset Award, shortlisted for the Newfoundland-Labrador book award, and now a Silver Medal at the National Magazine Awards. And she deserves it all and more for this fine, fine collection.

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