Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alex Good on Stephen Henighan's Report

Alex Good has come out of hiding and posted a review of Stephen Henighan's A Report on the Afterlife of Culture over at The review can be found here:

A short excerpt:

The "Report," which is the long essay that makes up the entire first part of this collection, is one of the most engaging and provocative pieces of critical writing I've read in years. And for those who enjoy seeing blood on the floor, well, you might want to go right to the final section and witness the flaying of Globe and Mail reviewer T. F. "Rave" Rigelhof. In the face of such a globe-trotting, erudite onslaught, caveats register like speed bumps. ... But disagreeing with a book like this -- and I disagreed a lot -- is the whole point. For jagged insight and provocative, anti-establishment rhetoric there's probably no other commentator on literary matters in Canada more worth reading. Or so much fun.

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