Thursday, June 12, 2008

Russell Smith's Diana, and the Bestseller list

Russell Smith's Diana: A Diary in the Second Person, a pornographic novel he published earlier this year with Biblioasis, has finally hit the bestseller lists in that sexiest of all Canadian cities, Calgary, Alberta. If you want proof, you can check here:

Number 9, but, hey, it counts! Notice it's the only book they don't give a one line synopsis of, letting the subtitle do all of the work. I WONDER WHY. Perhaps "A story about a woman's sexual conquest of an unnamed city" was a bit much for the arts section.

Elsewhere, if you haven't read Russell's column on Caroline Adderson and the short story, from yesterday's Globe, please do so. You can find it here:

Caroline is one of my favourite writers, one of the best in the country -- even her two kids books are fabulous. (We've just finished reading I, Bruno in this household for the second time, and look set to start Very Serious Children a 2nd time as well. Both boys are already showing signs of having exceptional taste.) Her latest collection of stories Pleased To Meet You is everything Russell says it is. It's probably not on the shelves too many places these days, as it's been 20 months or so since it was originally released, but you can special order it or get it at If you love short fiction and have not read her, I envy you the treat of discovery.

We published a profile of Caroline Adderson a couple of issues ago in CNQ. I'll get it up on the web soon.

But back to my original point:


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