Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Happy 10th! David Mason on Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman

John Metcalf mentioned one day in passing when we were discussing Mario Puzo that I would find mention of him in a book Biblioasis had published, a memoir by Bruce Jay Friedman called Lucky Bruce

He was a friend of Puzo’s. 

“It is also pretty funny,” John said.

I couldn’t understand why Biblioasis would be publishing a book by a minor Jewish-American writer whose books I had seen for years but never been tempted to read. I ordered it on John’s recommendation and found it such a great read that I ordered ten copies which I’ve been giving to friends ever since. 

It’s a fascinating book and as John said, “Very funny.” I have also acquired the rest of Friedman’s books which I am reading my way through.

I still don’t understand why Biblioasis published it but I’m glad you did. Highly recommended. Now that I think of it I don’t know why you published my book either but I am glad you did that one too.

Dan, maybe you’re crazy or maybe Biblioasis is going to be a great publisher.

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