Monday, July 21, 2014

"Why Marijuana is Boring"

A pro-MJ celebration in Denver, CO.
In response to the decision by Washington State to legalize marijuana use, a blog columnist at the Vancouver Sun elected last week to write a feature on why, to him, marijuana is boring. Further to that decision he elected—in an offbeat-if-not-unwelcome move—to use as his argumentative springboard Ray Robertson's I Was There the Night He Died, from which he'd heard Ray read at the Ottawa Writer's Festival and which he apparently enjoyed. ("Many people seem to get quite excited about marijuana," runs the Sun's photo caption, "but, as Canadian novelist Ray Robertson notes, it's not exactly conducive to good conversation.") The piece has—perhaps unsurprisingly in Vancouver—triggered a few indignant comments from the four-twenty crowd in defense of Mary Jane. Thought it might amuse.

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