Thursday, October 24, 2013

Malarky Wins Debut-Litzer Award for Fiction

It was a happy day around here yesterday as we were told the indefatigable AK Schofield has won the second annual Debut-Litzer Prize for Fiction. Sponsored by Late Night Library (a literary arts organization out of Portland with two podcast series, Late Night Conversation and Late Night Debut), the prize is worth $1000 and comes with a feature interview in one of December's Conversation podcasts.

This is the second prize nab for Malarky, which as you know was the winner of the First Novel Award this spring and shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction prize. Malarky also continues to gain accolades following its recent UK publication ... the most recent of which, in Brighton's gay magazine gscene, has what is without a doubt the most extended bog simile I've ever seen in criticism. 

And that, as you'll discover, is a good thing.

Anon, anon. If you're in Windsor tonight you should come hang out with us and Paul Vasey at the Olde Walkerville Theatre. There's a trivia contest. An interview. We're selling books. T-shirts even. Snow warning be damned!

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