Friday, July 12, 2013

"It’s easy to become addicted to your product": The Globe & Mail on David Mason

This just in from today's Globe & Mail:

"Almost all booksellers are also book lovers which means antiquarian dealers are nearly inevitably divided souls, torn between the competing desire to collect what they love and the financial necessity to sell their wares. This tension between hoarding and retailing is both funny and sad, which explains the hilarious pathos that runs through The Pope’s Bookbinder, the sprightly but also melancholy memoirs of David Mason, a Canadian book dealer of international reputation ... A witty raconteur and compulsive gossip, Mason has written a book that will delight anyone who loves literary scuttlebutt."

But it doesn't end there. For a most suggestive conclusion check out the Globe website. Thanks to the Globe & to JH for their hard work, & have a great weekend, everybody. Peace & love from the Bibliomanse.

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