Monday, June 17, 2013

The Citizen Aesthete: David Mason in the Post

Morning all, and happy Monday. Just a quick note for those of you who missed it this weekend: David Mason's The Pope's Bookbinder had a lovely write-up in this weekend's National Post. "The Pope’s Bookbinder strikes a fine balance between impressing with insider lore and welcoming the outsider," says Paul Franz: "The chatty digressions and omissions — sometimes hinting at truly salacious tales sealed up for the principals’ lifetimes — invite you to learn more."

And you're all officially invited to do so at any number of new and used/rare stores across the country. David's book is now available for sale both in person and online. And, of course, as Franz points out, they're for sale "at David Mason Books. Beware, though: collecting is habit-forming."

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