Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bookish Types Wanted to Join Exclusive Holy Order

“Zounds!” was the cry that so oft arose from the weeping crowds. What a melancholy crop you were in those days! We remember how you paced, scarlet-cloaked, dusty-footed, moaning your oh miseries and your alacks, your well-a-days and woe-betides, as you trod in endless weary circles around the Bibliomanse. How you bathed with tears the shrubbery. How you polished the air with your sighs! How you verily swooned to glimpse the tender heels of chaste maid Fiction, and how you jockeyed amongst yourselves for glance of Poesy’s ever-burning brow! 
Such is the pain, we gather, of standing before the gate. Of peering in. Of wondering what, by Jove, goes on at Parnassus’s peak, at Olympus’s high table, or even (almighty Zeus!) in the Biblioasis back office. But stopper your tears, beloveds, and lay waste your sighs, for this year the gates shall open and the trumpets ring forth! Either purchased by dint of hard coin or spun by the sweat of your brows, the most devoted among you shall claim appointment to a Sacred and Holy Order, to be known henceforth as
THE BIBLIOASIS BOON FELLOWS (for the archaic), or
THE BBFs (for short).
Boon: an adjective (close, intimate, favourite) from the Middle English (jolly, congenial), in turn derived from the Old French (bon) and the Latin (bonus, good).  A boon fellow? A favoured colleague. A privileged peer. In essence, a knight of the realm.
Upon their induction all Book Fellows shall receive:
Heraldic buttons and ensigns
Swag and bounty of indescribable richnesse
A Yuletide gift item, exclusive to BBFs,
A 20% discount on all backlist orders, and
—most crucially—
New Titles, of a type of their choosing,
in advance of publication,

How does it work, gaspeth the crowd. AttentionEcoutez-moi!  

Become a BBF: Order Your Subscription Today!

Biblioasis is now offering several subscription packages in order to help you save a little money on what, let's face it, you're probably going to buy anyway. (Yes? Yes?) The subscription plan allows you to purchase a whole year's worth of fiction (or poetry, or translation, or non-fiction) for a single flat fee. All set prices are based on our average yearly output at a 40% discount, with shipping included.* Plus you don't pay tax! 
  • $125.00/year: receive all Biblioasis new fiction releases (7/year)
  • $80.00/year: receive all Biblioasis new non-fiction releases (5/year);
  • $50.00/year: receive all new poetry titles (3-4/year);
  • $32.00/year: receive all new Biblioasis International Translation Series titles (2/year);
  • $250.00/year: receive the entire year’s worth of books (16/year).
*There may be a small surcharge for international or overseas shipments.

You can purchase subscriptions for yourself or as gifts for friends. Email to discuss the package that's right for you. Combinations are available. Plus, as a thank-you gift for ordering, you'll receive a free copy of Biblioasis's Book of the Month

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