Monday, October 22, 2012

Local haunt(ing)s

Marty Gervais, having hacked and elbowed
his way through a corn field, stands triumphant
on the Ghost Road itself.
(See? Real historians don't let rain—
or corn husks—get in their way.)
Happy Monday, all! Just a quick word to say that Marty Gervais' Ghost Road and Other Forgotten Stories of Windsor launches tomorrow, chez nous. Marty's book was written up this weekend in the Star—"Stories of Local Haunts"—so if you want to catch an early glimpse of the book, be sure to check it out online. Same with the writeup on the UWindsor Daily News.
Speaking of ghosts (or, okay, of death): Emily Keeler took a look at Nadine McInnis's Blood Secrets late last week, and had a couple things to say about the "rippling shock of loss that connects each story to the next," and the way Nadine "puts you on the inside of these characters, mapping their meaty interiors." Check out the National Post online for more!

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