Friday, June 17, 2011

"Blaise burns brightly"--& the Globe caught the spark

Today Steven Hayward published a review of The Meagre Tarmac in the Globe & Mail. Here's how it begins:

"'E.M. Forster, you ruined everything,' laments the narrator of a story from Clark Blaise's first collection of short fiction, published almost 40 years ago. 'Why must every visitor to India, every well-read tourist, expect a sudden transformation?'

It was that book, A North American Education
, that launched Blaise’s remarkable literary career. It was also where he began to sketch the unique constellation of obsessions that would occupy him for the
next few decades: the liquidity of personal and cultural identity, the vicissitudes of desire, and, at least somewhat as a result of his marriage to novelist Bharati Mukherjee, his knowledge of India and perspective on the Indian immigrant experience."

And the rest just gets better. Read the full article here.

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