Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speaking of Fall Poetry....

Eight poems from Amanda Jernigan's forthcoming rookie collection GROUNDWORK are up at the UK's Bow-Wow Shop.

Here's Wayfarer:


At Ithaca

my waves begin,

who juggle sand,

who gather in

the wrack of land

and cast it up

upon the sea.

This is no common


I weave them gold

and green and grey

to the horizon

where they break.

I ravel in

the shuttle's wake.

And each day's labour's

lost, they say.

They do not see

how, slowly, the

horizon line

is worn away.

Some even tide

the night will fail

(it is but weft)

and day reveal

my landfall: as

you know, your sail.

You can find the other seven here.

Word has reached us in our suburban onion field that Amanda has had yet another poem, from another collection that is in process, accepted by Poetry Magazine. Congrats!

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