Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Alexander MacLeod's Light Lifting Makes Giller ShortList!!!

Alexander MacLeod's Light Lifting has made the Giller Shortlist. The Jury's citation reads:

“Rarely does fiction inhabit the body – the moving, athletic body – as fully as in Alexander MacLeod’s debut story collection. Whether describing what it is to run track, to swim against a current, to build cars or to haul bricks, MacLeod brings into vivid concrete language the physical experiences that mark us as profoundly as any thought. His stories are a careful marriage of the lyric and the narrative: each unfolds around a resonant, ineffable moment, replete with history and emotion, a Gordian knot comprised of all the strands that lead up to and away from it. Sensitive and subtle, MacLeod is a writer through whose deliberately partial and quotidian pieces shimmers life’s unspoken complexity.”

Also on the shortlist is Biblioasis alumni Kathleen Winter, for Annabel, do we feel doubly represented, and we're proud of both of these very fine people and writers. Looking forward to clinking glasses with them in November!

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Michael Januska said...

Sincere congratulations to Alexander and Biblioasis. I picked up a copy at Word on the Street in Toronto, and it's dynamite.