Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlantic Canada Reads

Chad Pelley, who had such nice things to say about Kathleen Winter's boYs last week, has started an Atlantic Canada Reads competition, and is asking readers from across the country to nominate their favourite book by an Atlantic Canadian. It got me thinking: I think we've published some of the best writing by Atlantic Canadians in the last several years, including the books you see here.

Amy Jones's What Boys Like anyone? Can't get more Atlantic Canada than Halifax.

Ray Smith's Century, winner of Kerry Clare's Canada Reads Independently? Any of you new converts to Smith want to try your hand at defending this book? Or how about his Cape Breton is the Thought Control Centre of Canada? Night at the Opera? The Flush of Victory?

Or what about Kathleen Winter's boYs?

No? then what about David Helwig's Saltsea, a novel taking place on the shores of P.E.I., and quite easily one of the best things David's done? You prefer poetry? Zach Wells's Track & Trace? David Hickey's In the Lights of a Midnight Plow? Shane Neilson's Meniscus? Help me out: let's get a Biblioasis title on Pelley's list!

Further information can be found here.


Kerry Clare said...

I'm reading Track and Trace right now-- so wonderful!

Zachariah Wells said...

Thanks, Kerry!

But let's not forget that transplanted Upper Canadian Wayne Clifford's Jane Again takes a helluva lot of inspiration from the rocky shores of Grand Manan Island.

biblioasis said...

I knew I was forgetting someone! DW