Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Boys Like: List # 1 (Songs Boys Like)

As we count down to the launch of Amy Jones's What Boys Like at the Gladstone on October 20th, I thought it might be interesting to try and answer that question, at least insofar as Amy's collection offers answers.

Thankfully, Amy has made my job quite easy. She is, like a couple of characters in her book, somewhat ... list-obsessed, and her blog Listophelia offers a small window in on that obsession. Among the myriad lists you'll find there -- including one about a Spongebob roller coaster -- are a few tied directly to her book. The one I'll post this morning is 'Songs Boys Like,' a soundtrack to the collection -- and hopefully the soundtrack to her book launch as well. Amy writes: "if this amazing soundtrack doesn't make you want to buy my book, then i don't know what will."
  1. "mr. jones" (a good girl) - sung by alex and yousef while drunk and high on a boat.
  2. "rock you like a hurricane" (a good girl) - on the radio while alex drives home hung over.
  3. "she will be loved" (a good girl) - alex and martine's first wedding dance.
  4. "oh what a night" (one last thing) - playing at julia's imaginary prom.
  5. "all apologies" (one last thing) - playing in the background at the coffee shop where julia searches for joey.
  6. "in bloom" (one last thing) - blasting from a car stereo.
  7. "girlfriend" (army of one) - playing on the radio as eric drives becca to the hotel.
  8. "all i want is you" (army of one) - the song playing in eric's head all day.
  9. "i'll be there" (all we will ever be) - emily and daniel's first junior high dance.
  10. "powderfinger" (all we will ever be) - emily buys daniel the record and they listen to it while they cook dinner.
  11. "funkytown" (all we will ever be) - emm and james get drunk and dance on a speaker.
  12. "knockin on heaven's door" (all we will ever be) - emily listens through her headphones while making coffee.
  13. "crazy" (all we will ever be) - emily and daniel dance in the kitchen.
  14. "wild horses" (all we will ever be) - playing on the radio the morning after.
  15. "bed of roses" (where you are) - playing on the radio when anna brings natalie home from the hospital.

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Kerry said...

I am concerned that I will become more and more in love with Amy Jones, and then my head might explode. She has also, basically, listed the soundtrack to high school. Or an episode of Party of Five. Which I don't think was what she was going for, but I mean it in the nicest way. I can't wait for her book.