Friday, August 22, 2008

Salon des Refuses: The Toronto Launch

Jack, David (ECW), Karen Haughin? (Descant)

Sharon English, Heather Birrell in conversation; Adrian Michael Kelly and Kim Jernigan

Rebecca Rosenblum and fan club.

A blow hard, blowing. Mike Barnes, English and Birrell looking on on stage. Paul Wells from Macleans at the immediate right.

Wells, Barnes, English.

To forestall a lawsuit: that is the TINARS mascot reading the TNQ and not Penguin's ... well... penguin. Unintentional irony: there's been a lot of that going 'round.

Rebecca Rosenblum meets Steven Beattie, whose Shakespherian Rag is a must read: especially this month, with his marathon 31 Days of short stories.

Steven, Rebecca and someone I should recognize, I think, but Can't. Help! (Davidson?)

Wells, Barnes, English.

English, Birrell, Beattie.

Wells, Barnes, Birrell.

Barnes, English, Birrell, Beattie.

Sorry: there are two of these, but damned if I'm taking this one off now.

Wells, Barnes, English, Birrell, looking in Kim's general direction.

Chris Reed, TINARS mastermind, and Kim Jernigan, editor of the New Quarterly.

Kim Jernigan.

The only one who needs introduction at this stage is Adrian Michael Kelly, far right, who's Imprint of Foxes piece in CNQ is worth the cover price on its own.

Thank God that's over.

Photos courtesy of Gabrielle de Montmollin. Alas, put up in reverse order, but what else would you expect from this bibliophilic luddite? Rumour has it that Vancouver and Montreal events are in the works, likely others. We'll keep you posted.

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