Friday, October 05, 2007

Anything but Hank

The above image is by the phenomenal illustrator/artist Eric Orchard, who is illustrating Biblioasis' first children's book, Anything But Hank (authored, if you do not know, by the husband wife team of Zachariah Wells and Rachel Lebowitz). Set to be released in the Fall of 08, it will be a gorgeous book.

Eric has his own blog, where you can see other paintings he has done for Hank, in addition to numerous other illustrations. His blog can be found here:

Another illustration can be found here:

To see the actual illustrations, with their depth, colour, texture, is amazing. I had them for 24 hours before passing them along to Carleton Wilson, who will be typesetting Hank. We should have an initial mock up soon.

Eric is also slated to illustrate David Hickey's first children's book, to be published in 2009.

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