Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cold-cocked: On Hockey

Lorna Jackson's Cold-cocked: On Hockey is in the house. Or, more truthfully, it's in my driveway, dropped off by a truck with a 60 foot box, bringing back 60,000 pounds of some sort of boxed food stuff to Toronto. Another case of overkill. Once again, my sons' little red wagon saved a good deal of work. I need to get myself another cart -- I just don't know how much more that wagon's plastic wheels can take.

The book looks swell in an attractive, minimalist David Drummond cover. Dave Bidini (of Rheostatics and Tropic of Hockey fame) quotes on the cover: "A real triumph and a book hockey fans deserve. Cold-cocked deserves a place in the pantheon. Absolutely one of the best hockey books of our era." (Yes, it's a blurb, and a front cover one to boot, but you can trust it, because we read it first, loved it, and say the same thing.) More importantly, it's in no way your standard hockey tome: it's fresh, witty and word drunk, cuts the game no slack, wrestles its beauty down.

It should be in stores within a couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted regarding launches, readings, and anything else Cold-cocked.

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