Monday, June 18, 2007

Gerald Lampert Pics

David Hickey didn't win the Lampert, a runner-up to Steven Price and his Anatomy of Keys. Dave sent me these pics, which I post now, a week later. Congrats go to all. I've read Steven's book now, and it's pretty fine, and I've heard good things about Thran's and Yvonne Blomer's. A talented crop.

David's moving to my neck of the woods soon, to do his doctorate at Western in London. I look forward to having him so close at hand. He's got a hell of a telescope, and I can't think of much better at the moment than a clear sky, a telescope, a country back road and a bottle of wine. Perhaps we'll soon get the chance.

David reading at the League meeting.
David (reading from his fine-looking collection.)

Steven Price, Yvonne Blomer, & Dave

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Zachariah Wells said...

I'm loving the shot of Dave at podium with raised fist. Looks like he's whipping the masses into a fervid fury. Awesome.