Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Vancouver IS Awesome

Morning, folks, and happy Wednesday, which feels like a Tuesday, which feels like the week is just starting. But lo, tomorrow be Thursday; Thursday be the day that AK is reading for the Vancouver Book Club; and the Vancouver Book Club be what prompted this lovely review on Here's a taster:
Despite the heavy nature of the themes in her debut novel, Schofield infuses Our Woman with a winning combination of humour and practicality ... charm and wit make you cheer for Our Woman, regardless of how increasingly odd her behaviour or actions seem. We willingly stay by her side as she questions, experiments, and attempts to find her way through the twisty road she finds herself travelling.
There. Malarky is the VBC's summer selection and they'll be discussing the text/grilling AK with questions at the Prophouse Cafe, 7 PM, tomorrow. If you're in the neighbourhood do stop by. 

AK's also posted an interview for their "Read all Over" series, where she talks about Robert Walser and Helen Oyeyemi. Take a look!

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