Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Salty Ink's Book of the Month

June's Book of the Month over at Chad Pelley's Salty Ink is Amy Jones's Fall 2009 release What Boys Like, a collection Pelley puts in his top 10 short story collections.

Jones’s stories are as vibrant as the book’s cover. This is lively writing, punchy diction, and critically acclaimed dialogue, with closing lines that are occasionally a whole lot more for the deeper reader. They are character-forward stories featuring memorable characters — like the longing, list-writing Miriam Beachwalker — and if the title gives the illusion it is a sexually charged book: at times it is. The writing in stories “An Army of One” and “All We Will Ever be” censor nothing about the line between lust and longing, and properly captures the potency of unrequited love or, forgive me here, “the power of love.” The writing is tender in places and explicit in others, so that the vivacity of memories, passion, emotion, and desire punch through more than effectively.

Also commendable: she tells her stories in a way that is all Amy Jones. She tells them in a way that alternates between a wind-stealing punch in the guts and a playful punch on the shoulder. These stories, at times, fierce, powerful, and sexually charged, come from a tender, honest, and at-times vulnerable place, not an obnoxious, boisterous one. It is a deeply human collection, as vibrant as the front cover image.

Read the rest of this enthusiastic review here.

In other Amy Jones news, we're pleased to announce that we've sold a film option to the title story A Good Girl to Opolo Pictures. Here's hoping we see a feature film of A Good Girl (at least in cinematic terms) soon!

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