Thursday, February 19, 2009

The "new" New Quarterly

Once a Salonist, always a Salonist... If you needed any further proof that CNQ & TNQ (or Biblioasis and TNQ) share certain ...aesthetic leanings, look no further than the latest fab issue of The New Quarterly. Of particular note, there is a feature on the work of Robyn Sarah, with a spread of five poems from her upcoming fall poetry collection Pause for Breath. Editor Kim Jernigan interviews Robyn about her forthcoming book, and poetry in general; TNQ also has reprinted W. J. Keith's excellent review of Robyn's essay collection Little Eurekas. This alone is worth the cover price.

But there's more, of course. There's a contribution from the wonderful Peter Sanger, and an essay on his poem by CNQ contributing editor Amanda Jernigan; a wonderful little piece by regular CNQ reviewer Mark Callanan; three poems by Jason Guriel (who, along with Callanan, contributes poetry to the current CNQ; and three stories from Dave Margoshes's Metcalf-Rooke nominated Stories from my Father. The cover photo is by the wonderful John Haney.

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