Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CNQ Launch: Montreal Edition

Back on the 28th of January, lo, before the flu-bug ensured I couldn't get out of bed for several days, Michael Carbert organized a CNQ 75 launch / Salon redux event at the Word Bookstore in Montreal. Despite the blizzard, a crowd of 40+ people showed up to discuss the Canadian canon, and listen to panelists Anita Lahey, Robert Lecker, Robyn Sarah and Carmine Starnino. I wish I could have been there: these photos will have to suffice. (above: Anita Lahey, Robyn Sarah and Robert Lecker, with host Adrian of the Word Bookstore watching)
(Carmine Starnino and moderator Michael Carbert)

(Robert Lecker and Carmine Starnino)

(Anita Lahey and Robyn Sarah)

CNQ75 is now, or will be soon, on the newstands. It is also arriving as I write this in mailboxes across the country. Our 40th Anniversary/ 75 issue, guest-edited by Carmine Starnino, it brings together a folio of essays that take the bearings on Canadian culture and fearlessly soothsay on what the next twenty-five years will bring. Then there's Steven beattie's sharp take on the Giller, Michael Lista's Open Letter on Brandt-gatepoetry by Jason Guriel and Mark Callanan, and much else besides. One way or another, please pick it up.

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